The Upstate Elder Abuse Center at Lifespan provides resources and a network of professionals who work to impact positive outcomes in the protection of victims of elder abuse through intervention, education and services. The center is led by Art Mason, LMSW, a nationally-known expert in elder abuse and financial exploitation. 


  • Investigation and intervention services in cases and suspected cases of elder abuse and mistreatment in ten Finger Lakes counties in upstate New York.

  • Informational presentations about elder abuse and scams for organizations, caregivers and others throughout upstate New York.

  • Education and training for professionals and those who work with/have frequent contact with older adults to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse.

  • Incubator for Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (EMDTs) in New York State.

  • Advocacy as manager of the NYS Coalition on Elder Abuse.

Elder abuse is hidden. It thrives in silence. 

Not the victims who are too frightened, too ashamed or too ill to tell someone.

Not the neighbors who may not recognize the problem or don’t know who to tell.

And not the perpetrators.

Elder abuse exists in every community and every neighborhood, rich and poor, even in “nice” families. Elder abuse occurs more often in people’s homes than in nursing homes. Adult children and grandchildren are often abusers. Sometimes it’s an acquaintance or caregiver.

If you know an older adult who is being harmed, break the silence.

Caring people can help stop elder abuse and mistreatment in their families and community.


Contact the Upstate Elder Abuse Center at Lifespan:
1900 S. Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
1-866-454-5110 (toll-free)