A guiding hand. At any age or stage of life, we can all use the comfort of knowing others are there for us—helping us through a difficult transition, showing us we have options and reminding us that with change comes new opportunity. For more than 40 years, Lifespan has been helping older adults and their caregivers approach aging with greater information, supportive services and the guidance to make the most of the years ahead. 


I have questions about services for myself, my spouse, my parents

Lifespan is here to help you and your family with expert information and guidance about services and options for older adults. Just call us to speak with an Eldersource eldercare advisor, or request a personal meeting with a care manager who can assess your situation and link you to supportive services. At Lifespan, we provide the non-biased, nothing-to-sell information you need to make good choices and informed decisions.

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I'm looking for guidance on insurance or finances

Understanding health insurance plan options and handling personal finances can be overwhelming. Lifespan provides monthly assistance with bill paying, budgeting and checkbook balancing. We offer consultations about planning for the cost of long-term care and about Medicare and health insurance options. All of these services are provided by our expert advisors or trained volunteers.

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I need help with staying healthy and daily life

We’re focused on helping you add “life to years” by providing health and wellness opportunities. Check out our award-winning and welcoming cafés within the Maplewood and Westside YMCAs. Take one of our “Matter of Balance” workshops that help prevent falls, or learn to live better with a chronic disease in our “Living Healthy” workshops.

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I want to prevent elder abuse, scams and stay safely at home

Safety at home and protection against elder abuse, fraud or scams are important to you and to us. With a nationally recognized expert on elder abuse on staff, Lifespan is a leader in the prevention and intervention of elder abuse. We also help with in-home safety by doing minor home modifications to prevent falls and providing the SAFER personal emergency response system.

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