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Our award-winning older adult centers

The Lily Café at the Maplewood YMCA
The Eastside Resource Center at the EAstside Y
The MVP Healthcare Living Well Center

You’ve never been to a place quite like our older adult centers located within three YMCAs.

They are places to dust off your dreams and discover the joy of new opportunities. You’ll meet new people and perhaps even find a second home here! Everything we do is geared for a new generation of older adults -- the generation that wants to take it on in the second half of life!

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You can learn something new in an array of interesting classes, or even teach a five-year-old to plant a seed in the garden. You can visit a new restaurant with friends, spend spend a few hours playing cards, try your hand at karaoke or enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. Our Lily Cafe also serves a healthy lunch! And, you’ll have easy access to all the YMCAs have to offer for exercise. You do need to be a member of the Y. Scholarships are available or your health plan may give you a greatly reduced membership fee. 

Want to visit?
Call the Lily Cafe at the Maplewood at 585-341-4013.
Call our Eastside center at 585-341-3084.
Call our MVP Healthcare Living Well Center at the Westside YMCA at 585-341-3075.

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So many wonderful programs are offered, but the most important thing is the friendships I’ve developed. It is a wonderful family atmosphere!
— Sheron Gardner


Lifespan's Wolk Cafe at Sibley Square

Our Wolk Cafe in the Sibley building is undergoing a complete renovation! This gathering space for people 60 & older reopened in May 2018 as a place to make new friends, learn, participate in educational and fun activities, have a cup of coffee, or have breakfast or lunch. 

A Matter of Balance – fall prevention workshop

This eight-week workshop is proven to help reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults. The workshop is for people who are:

  • Concerned about falls

  • Have sustained a fall in the past

  • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling

  • Looking to improve flexibility, balance and strength

  • Age 60 or older, ambulatory and able to problem-solve.

Workshops are offered year-round in diverse locations around Monroe County. Call us at 585-287-6439 to learn more.

Go to the EVENTS page to view and register for upcoming classes.

Download the brochure.

Living Healthy and Living Healthy with Diabetes – chronic disease management workshops


These workshops are for people age 60 or older living with one or more chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, pain, anxiety. You’ll find support, learn practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue, discover better nutrition and exercise choices, understand new treatment choices, and learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health.

Workshops are offered year-round in diverse locations around Monroe County. Call us at 585-287-6439 to learn more.

“Changing our diets has resulted in my husband’s blood glucose level decreasing, and we both lost weight. I feel this workshop could benefit anyone living with diabetes.” Marilyn

Download Living Healthy brochure.
Download the Living Healthy with Diabetes brochure.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is very beneficial for balance, stiffness and mobility. Join us! We offer Tai chi classes in multiple counties. Go to our classes page to view upcoming classes.

Day Habilitation for Older Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Lifespan’s bright, home-like day habilitation program at 1900 S. Clinton Avenue in Brighton specializes in care for older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We open doors to new relationships in a warm and supportive environment. We open doors to creative expression, increased self-confidence, and physical and mental stimulation. We promote a sense of belonging.

Program participants must be age 45 or older and have a documented disability. They must be free of socially disruptive behaviors, and they must be continent/toilet independent and able to eat independently. Day Habilitation is a Medicaid reimbursed service, however we also offer full and half day private pay rates. Transportation is always included. Participants decide which days to attend, but must commit to a schedule.

Call us at 585-244-8400 to learn more.

Download the brochure.

Community Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Our unique “community inclusion” service helps developmentally disabled adults (60 and older) to take on activities at Monroe County’s senior centers. Participants are linked with qualified senior companions who provide assistance and support during senior center activities. Community inclusion program participants must choose to attend, and they should be free of socially disruptive behaviors. They must be ambulatory, continent/toilet independent and able to eat independently.

Call us at 585-244-8400 to learn more.

Download the brochure.