In-Home Financial Management

Trained volunteers provide monthly assistance with bill paying, budgeting, checkbook balancing and benefits. Contact us when physical or cognitive impairments limit an older adult's ability to handle finances or when the death of a spouse leaves the survivor unprepared to handle finances.

Volunteer financial managers are always needed. Set your own schedule. We provide training and support.

Call us at 585-244-8400 to learn more.

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It is simply not cost-effective to have attorneys or even paralegals provide the daily bookkeeping and bill payer services. Lifespan’s bill paying service is a godsend. Lifespan gives the attorney the confidence that his client’s affairs are being taken care of with cost-effective, competent help. Working together with Lifespan on mutual clients truly benefits all involved.
— Bob Kessler, Esq. Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP

CheckIt: A Bill Payer Service for Older Adults

Lifespan can become limited power of attorney and handle all financial matters on behalf of an older adult. We provide:

• A full financial housecleaning
• All check writing and bill paying
• Application for benefits
• Insurance claim form submission

The CheckIt service is fee-based at $75 per hr.

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HEAP – Home Energy Assistance Program

HEAP for persons age 60 and older is located at Lifespan. HEAP grants provide assistance with energy bills. Call us at 585-244-8400, ext. 102.


Lifespan may be appointed by a court as a guardian for an older adult who is deemed incapacitated. In our role, we may make legal, medical, housing and financial decisions on behalf of a ward. When appropriate, the court reimburses our services using the ward’s assets.

Please call Gabe Geiger at 585-287-6389 for more information about guardianship.

"Lifespan is guardian for one of my clients, Anna. Anna has always been strong-willed. She chose to stay in her apartment even as her physical disability continued to grow worse. Lifespan is her guardian and that care was the only reason she was able to continue to live in her apartment. When that was no longer feasible, Lifespan again came to her rescue and made arrangements for her care."
A client's attorney