Our World is Changing

In 2015, 20 percent of New York State residents and 21 percent of Monroe County residents will be 60 or older for the first time in history.

In fact, due to longer life and the aging of the baby boom generation, the age wave will accelerate during the next three decades until 80 million Americans are 65 or older – double the current number.  

Most people don’t like to think about it, but aging changes our world, our lives and our families lives. 

The Lifespan Promise

Here at Lifespan, we think about it -- all the time

Since 1971, Lifespan has provided information, guidance and services geared toward helping older adults take on the challenges and opportunities of longer life to more than a hundred thousand older adults and their caregivers.   The Age Wave, which is already upon us, lends greater urgency to our role in the community;  and makes our focus and mission  -- our promise to be there for those who need us -- even more relevant.

With more and more people living longer than ever before, the demand for Lifespan’s services will grow at an unprecedented rate.  Our challenge is to fulfill the promise that Rochester will always be a great place to age well and add life to years.   

The Time is NOW

The Age Wave will affect our community at many levels.  We can’t stop or even slow its progression, but we can prepare for the impact it will have on families if we act together, and act now.  

With the Fulfilling the Promise campaign, we are challenging the community to make older adults a center of attention – both those who want use their experience and talents through purposeful aging, as well as those who need supports. Nothing about longer life is the same as it was even a few decades ago. The time is NOW to change the ways we think about aging, the ways we support longer life and the ways we help people take on the challenges and opportunities of longer life. Now is the time to buttress how we inform, guide and support older adults and caregivers.

Your gift, large or small, truly matters!

“Why I Give”

Funds raised through the Fulfilling the Promise campaign will: 

  • Help older adults remain in their own homes.
  • Provide valuable assistance, support and training for family caregivers.
  • Assist older adults who are physically or emotionally abused, neglected or financially exploited. 
  • Enable Lifespan to champion and promote purposeful aging focused on civic and social engagement and the absence of ageism. 
  • Allow a move and programmatic enhancements for the Wolk Older Adult Center located in downtown Rochester. 
  • Allow for internal technology upgrades. 

Together we can fulfill the promise to make Rochester the best place to age well!  

Thank you!