E-MDT Hub Funding Application for Broome County Region (Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, and Tioga Counties

Updates and Questions & Answers: Revised October 10, 2018

Updated Application Packet Documents:

1. The original Reference A-2 document listed on the web page could not be printed. The current Reference A-2 can now be printed. Document content did not change.

2. Under 1.6 on page 7 of the original RFA document, E-MDT Hub Funding Application (Broome County Region), the first two bullets were the same. A corrected RFA document has been substituted with one of the bullets deleted. No other changes were made to the RFA application document.

RFA Questions & Answers:

1. Several questions inquiring about RFA funding for developing E-MDTs in other areas.

As the Broome County Region RFA indicates, this Initiative will continue to develop statewide access to elder abuse interventions through E-MDTs. Individual counties will be included in a multi-county E-MDT Hub Region. Future RFAs will be made available for funding other regions of the state to develop E-MDTs in counties within that region. Some counties may be added to existing Hub Regions. The timetable for release of future RFAs is not yet available.