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Women In Transition

(Displaced Homemaker)

Do you need to re-enter the job market or make key life decisions like going back to school due to the death of a spouse, separation, divorce or other loss of income? Lifespan's Women in Transition Program can help.

If you are a displaced homemaker, contact us when you need:
• Specialized counseling and case management
• Education information
• Job placement
• Support groups

"I underwent a transformation as a direct result of taking advantage of the Women in Transition service. I was able to assess my skills and goals, and develop confidence. Ultimately, I was able to determine the path my life would need to take in order for me to stay emotionally grounded, physically healthy, and financially self-supporting. I now enjoy working with children with special needs. I did not lose my house. I have the people at Lifespan's Women in Transition Service to thank for my success."   Carol, a client                                     

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